Best Docker Courses & Certificates Online 2024

An intermediate-level course, Docker in Depth has been developed in partnership with Docker. The course covers the benefits of using Docker, when you would use Docker, and how to manage applications and orchestrate applications with Docker Compose and Docker Swarm. It includes an operating system, libraries, and everything you need to run your application. Then you will be able to deploy that same exact application – and its entire environment and dependencies – onto any machine. And importantly, you’ll be able to code along at home, right in your browser.

  • In this case, you can use docker ps -a to see all containers, not just the ones that are running.
  • Containerized software will always run the same, regardless of the environment.
  • I prefer Educative courses because they have a nice mix of text & images.
  • In this lesson, you will learn about Docker Swarm and other important elements, such as Docker Daemon.
  • So before you learn how to attack containers, you need to understand a few things about containers.

Take a Docker Kubernetes online course to learn more about containerization, orchestration, and deploying applications in live, production environments. You can start with a beginner’s Docker online course and eventually acquire certification in your Docker skills — improving your resume and your earning power. If you’re a Java developer, you may be more interested in Docker containerization for Java development specifically. This laser-focused course is based on creating Docker images and using Docker swarm for Java-based cloud-scale computing. DevOps professionals can learn everything about what Docker does, how to use it, and how to optimize it effectively through these beginner’s lessons.

What is Docker?

Educative‘s interactive, text-based lessons accelerate learning — no setup, downloads, or alt-tabbing required. If you don’t see your container, make Docker for DevOps Lessons sure that it was started successfully and is still running. If the container exited for some reason, it won’t show up when running docker ps.

Docker for DevOps Lessons

You can use Docker Hub to find shared applications, manage automated builds for your organization, and more. Docker Compose is a crucial element of Docker that helps render web-based applications highly productive. Dockerfile is a text file that has instructions for building Docker images. Docker images are read-only files and include several instructions that need to be executed to create a Docker container.

DevOps for Developers

Mumshad Mannambeth, Founder and CEO of KodeKloud, is renowned for revolutionizing online learning in DevOps, Cloud Computing, and Automation. Play with Docker is an interactive playground that allows you to run Docker commands on a linux terminal, no downloads required. Docker Desktop is a native application that delivers all of the Docker tools to your Mac or Windows Computer. Containerized software will always run the same, regardless of the environment. And everywhere you run a container, the environment – and all its dependencies – will be identical.

Docker for DevOps Lessons

Examine the evolution of virtualization technologies from bare metal, virtual machines, and containers and the tradeoffs between them. Designed specifically for web developers, this DevOps course teaches you how to deploy web applications through Docker, as well as to serve web apps securely over SSL. This is intended for advanced, professional web application developers, and is intended to help you grow your career toward DevOps positions. Lessons include creating a Dockerized Flask app, creating a Dockerized Rails app, and spinning up a staging server. You will learn how to run multiple Docker containers, how to create Docker images, and how to create your own Docker swarm cluster, all with an eye toward Java development.

Virtualization, Docker, and Kubernetes for Data Engineering

The task of defining and deploying a Docker container requires Docker Compose- an open-source tool. In this lesson, you will learn everything about Docker containers, defining and deploying them using Docker compose, how to use Docker containers, and their benefits. Both Docker and virtual machines were introduced to solve various challenges using a container platform.

  • Go through this lesson to understand what Docker networking is, its advantages, and how it works.
  • Lectures are followed by demos showing how to set up and get started with Docker.
  • You will also find easy-to-understand examples that assist you in understanding the practical implementations of these elements.
  • Today, you saw how powerful containers are and how you can leverage them to go to market faster.

However, this approach comes with a significant drawback of allocating additional memory and storage for each VM. Docker provides good security defaults and reduces deployment complexity, which helps in reducing the attack surface of Docker. We will discuss more security aspects as we move forward in this course. Unlike VMs there is no need to allocate extra resources (like RAM, CPU, and Disk) for OS. Containers use the host’s kernel features (like namespaces, Cgroups, etc.) to run the container. Sana Afreen is a Senior Research Analyst at Simplilearn and works on several latest technologies.

What is Docker, and why is it important to learn about?‎

This combined Docker and Kubernetes course starts with you learning Docker from scratch to building a complex app with Kubernetes as well. This course will prepare you for real-world DevOps applications by making it easier for you to build, test, and deploy Docker applications with Kubernetes. In the Docker Deep Dive, developers go from no knowledge of Docker to knowing absolutely everything they need to know. Intended for intermediate users, this course digs deep into Docker usage in real-world scenarios. “Playgrounds,” through which developers can simulate Docker environments and practice building in them, make this course particularly useful. Lack of Guest OS in a container is both a boon and a curse at the same time.


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