To the ROOTS!!!

Let’s Profil de l’Énanthate de Testostérone go back to the roots of where it started.

The whole idea was sparked in my apartment, when I was still a first year at varsity.

It was a Friday afternoon, my brother and I just finished exams and we wanted to do what most students do best on a Friday night, go have a few drinks.

The problem was though, the cash flow was low (as it goes as a first year student), but at this stage already I believed in working hard and then partying harder.

We had an idea…

We found ourselves strolling in the street of Wellington with 24 packs of water but still, no money to spend.

We decided to sell these bottles of water to foreign and local shops on each and every corner.

The funny thing was though, the water wasn’t mine in the first place, I was asked to deliver them to a relative, but there we were, selling them at a profit AND on top of that, were able to buy the 24 packs back on Monday for the delivery to the relative.

My relative was so amazed at our success in selling the water at a profit and still having her delivery on time. She suggested I continue and expand my little Friday night success into something bigger.

Back then I continued doing it just for the means of getting by and having an extra buck in my pocket, but now, I want to do this for you!

I have created an online shop where YOU can purchase the water as well as other upcoming items.

These products will be delivered to your door step, at a great price of course!

My goal?

My goal is not to make extravagant profits, but rather to build a platform which will inspire others to go out and make their ideas realities.

RE: Please see the video below on how to order products on MALL CLICK.

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-You are part of a great journey and memory 😁
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  1. Tarquin July 20, 2021 Reply

    This site is nice man, keep it going!

  2. Jodi-wayne Campher April 21, 2021 Reply

    Always have been a guy that sets his mind to something and makes sure he achieve it, proud bro proud👏🙌

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