“All about Mall Click online company from bottled water, products, accessibility, vision, target, and more.”

About the Store

Quenching your thirst is just a click away! Courtesy of Mall Click online company that deals with bottled water, which is accessible through our website.

The physical headquarters of our company are in South Africa. The stock contains fresh drinking water, which is clean and sealed to prevent interferences. Mall Click online company aims at establishing customer relationships through online platforms like Google and social media, where the company will post products for customer viewing.

Potential customers may access the company’s website, from where they can view available products and place orders according to their taste. The company has already traded multiple portions of bottled water to suit the various needs of all customers.

Both small-scale and large-scale buyers are recognized by our digital company, whereby clients can buy bottled water in bulk or smaller packages depending on an individual’s need.

Delivery of the bottled water is instant, at our customers’ doorstep. However, customers have the priority to pay for the product on our online shop. We have active staff, willing to pick the requested quantity of bottled water from our online store and deliver them to the customers’ doorstep!

Mall Click Online Company’s vision

Our main target as a company is to meet the needs of all our esteemed and potential customers. Therefore, the firm’s vision is already moving forward to establish a better customer-seller relationship through the modern means of business operation.

We have generated the already mentioned internet site, to ensure fast presentation and delivery of products to our customers.

Shopping online is one of the easiest and, therefore, the most convenient means of buying products in our digital world.

Our aim is not only to utilize this amazing platform by selling our products, but we are also aiming at responding to customer feedback through the “comment” option below each product.

We are setting a team of esteemed customer care that will check all the comments and use them to analyze our clients’ needs.

Our vision is to establish a network of customers and increase our stock to include more items other than the present bottled water.